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Each story is unique because behind it you find one or several persons and Talent.

Our mission: to support our customers in highlighting their story with the press, social media and in the development of their BtoB and BtoC projects to take part in the growth of their business.

After working for nearly twenty years as an employee with large companies in the development of some industrial and artistic sectors as a marketing and communication manager and business developer, I became a contractor in 2008 with the aim to provide my customers with flexible and creative services in Press and sales relations to enhance their brand.

I like working with lightning and heart strokes especially when the feeling is mutual. 
I am looking for collaborators with multi-faceted profiles to provide innovative answers and ideas that will fit with all budgets.
Describing and bringing out the DNA of our customers, their values, which makes them remarkable before promoting their products seems obvious to us.

Talk about you to the right people, at the right time, is also one of our requirements.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story… and telling it to all!

Virginie Kadzielawa-Boumnso


VKBPR is born to keep an eye out for you on what you did not have time to glance at to make you grow...

Since 2015, we have been supporting our clients' innovative designs in their outreach strategy to the media in the Home, Lifestyle and Kids sectors and also in introducing their products in the shops/showrooms that match with their DNA.

Our clients have always been at the origin of fortunate and favourites encounters. We can only talk about brands that give us emotions or for which we love the concept. Our values? Listening, the consistent desire to go further and further, a wide range of expertises, confidence, creativity and ideas that match with each budget levels to make your story even more beautiful!

We are here to help you in defining the foundations of your brand's development, to enhance your story in the press and on social networks but also to raise awareness among key influencers and professionals (interior designers and decorators) in your targeted sectors. Whenever people talk about you, VKBPR also helps you to build a network of stores, showrooms that correspond to your products and price range and help in your business development.

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